Getting what you want

Written by: Cat Way

There are so many ways to have a baby

a bouncing baby boy or your precious joy of a girl

But there are also too many obstacles that could be in the way

you're a little miracle

no matter what anyone could say

Your mother, the main piece of the puzzle

carries you for months, where you grow

you kick and move

your mommy gets bigger and so do you

your toes and fingers form

while your heart beats loud and muscles flex

you may be a girl or boy

but that doesn't matter

because you have loving parents

that will always have your back and best interest in mind

There could be problems with mom or dad

they could try and try to have you, sweet miracle of life

but look in the face of a negative test

mom cries and dads upset

they see a doctor and run some tests

use some needles with a side of  a petri dishes

they come up with you and put you back

and before you know it

you wonderful thing

nine months and in your mamas wonderful arms with daddy gazing down at you