White Magic

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

White Magic White magic appears when the snowflakes cascade down While a peaceful quietness fills the air around Silently the snowflakes caress the earth in their passionate sound Transforming themselves into a blanket of white to warm the ground White magic is captured when the first snowflake begins to fall It is then that we can embrace the coming beauty that will mesmerized us all How they dance so elegantly from the sky in response to nature’s call Coming down, shimmering in their beauty of shapes that are tiny or tall White magic forms into diamonds that penetrate our hearts Leaving us feeling a richness within that will never depart As they sprinkle their magic on the ground in the dark The snow will then illuminate from darkness into a white magic’s spark White magic appears just before our eyes Perhaps it is a part of angel’s dust from heaven to leave us all mesmerized Perhaps its white blanket exists to keep us all warm and loved inside In the hope that we embrace this moment for the rest of our lives