Written by: olusegun Arowolo

The slow beats vibrate with
rhythmic sounds and tapping fingers on the drum,
as my neck moves up and down like the Agama lizard,
the reverberation sends sweet vibes down
my spine and I can feel and taste this sweet
sensation like white honey in my mouth;
blood rushes to my face as I turn green,
my flexor and extensor muscles move in 
unison as my soul rejoices within,
air rushes through my nostrils as  the heart beats
intermittently,my hands feel warm on her back
as she rests her head on my chest,
the saxophone whistles and echoes through the night~~smooth vibes~~
many were held captives by this spell;
~~And SOULS travel to celestial height....

Contest:"Synesthesia:inner body movement" sponsored by Nette Onclaud