Want And Need

Written by: Owen Yeates

Santa Claus is really, extra busy this year
It is in fact  all down to the internet I fear
What with E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter and Text
He just don’t know where to turn to next

Johnny sent an E-Mail, he wants a bike
Red would be the colour, he would like
Lucy sent a tweet, for a doll with long hair
She needs to comb it, in her favourite chair

Peter in a text wants an action man 
Not the deserter one like last year if you can
Maria needs an instrument perhaps a violin
While you are at it a case to keep it in

This she sent by a Facebook poke
I tell you people it is no joke
I remember a time when all we got was post
We used to read while having our toast

These letters were hand written and always they did say
The very simple words that it seems, are forgotten these days
Please and thank you were the words I’m on about
In this modern age of greed it makes me want to shout

So as an elf of good standing I would simply ask you why
Want and need are all I hear it makes me want to cry
So if simple manners could be used by every girl and boy
I would be most happy to see they all get a toy

So I thank you all for listening to this little elf
Try using your manners they will not cost you wealth
Please enjoy your Christmas and the prezzies you receive
And  manners you will find are not so hard to achieve