Written by: SIMON M MATLOU


I hear distant drums sounding loud,
I hear trumpets echoing tonight,
Oh, I can hear their warm and quiet conversations,
I guess they are on the way to Ramabifi Hills!

It is a clear and loud call we cannot deny,
And when skimming silently in the starry skies tonight,
We will see that we are not alone in the night set ablaze,
Please come with me and share this wonderful view!

Look up there, the clear moon is riding high in the sky,
As it journeys slowly through the good heavens!
This brings to the end, the darkness of the long lonely nights,
Come let’s soar high up and play amongst the stars!

Are you asking me about the songs of Spring?
Listen, Ramabifi Hills have them too!
The small birds are chanting merrily from the dense tangled branches,
More clearer than man-made music could bear!

I see you and I silhouetted together against the bright moonlight,
Yes, every single breath you take is mine!
Oh, I can feel every beat of your heart!
I woke up and looked around . . . yes . . . , I was only dreaming!