No Puppet to a Lie

Written by: Carl Fraser

My name is heard in certain circles,
and its not the best of news;
There's tales of things I've never done,
even things I'd never choose.

But they like to paint their own picture,
of who I'm supposed to be;
Is their life so very empty,
that they have to pick on me?

I guess I'm the new kid on the block,
and I really didn't have a choice;
When I tried to set the record straight,
it was like I never had a voice.

They laugh and snicker at their own lies,
and the vicious circle grows;
They will believe what they want to anyway,
but the truth only God and I will know.

So I'll let them slander if they choose to,
but I'll hold my head up high;
For I know my conscience will be clear,
and never be a puppet to a lie.