A thanks giving poem

Written by: zoya amreen

What a wonderful world you created O God!
What wonderful creatures you gave birth to O lord!
You gave me a wonderful mother
You provided a bird with colorful feather
A family with sister and brother
The ones who are misguided, you show them a path
You always teach us to spit out our wrath
You bestowed the facilities on us to stay alive
You gave each and every creature a quality of intelligence 
A bee to make a hive
A person to fight for his rights
You made sun to light and moon so bright 
Stars keep twinkling at night 
You are the strongest 
You are the mightiest
You want us to be the bravest 
And the smartest 
I am sorry if I did anything wrong
I conclude this poem by saying that-
“everyone has to die a day , no one stays here for too long!”