Funny Guy Hews

Written by: craig cornish

Abbot & Costello
two funny fellows
were very immersed
into who's on first

Cheech & Chong
could drain a bong
not just now and then
so you'd always have two far out men

Ed Norton
couldn't laugh without snortin'
which would quickly annoy
his good buddy "Ralphie Boy"!

Don Rickles
would offer a nose full of nickels
got plenty of yuks calling you a schmuck
and dumb as a hockey puck

Jack Benny
wouldn't lend you a penny
nor spend a dime
died when he was 80 at the age of 39

Professor Irwin Corey
could tell an interesting story
you'd listen and listen till your eyeballs would glisten
and never understand what you're missin'

Alice Kramden
was first with a lunar landin'
"Pow, Bang, Zoom"!
a one way trip to the moon