I took a walk through the jungle
Through the winter the snow falls
In the mountains far above the woods.
The waters were cold and I had to freeze
As my adventurous nature broke out
Took me to see the beauty of nature.

The blue sky and hilly horizons
The animals and the jumbo families
Made it all a better walk to freedom.
The golden moment is made of memories
Memories of adventures that seize the moment
And bring with it the life within.

In the beautiful cave beneath the rocks
I got in to take a view to write my name
Name which I engraved to make a mark.
 In the cliffs and the caves above me,
The bats flew in a hundreds,
And made sounds which brought them to life.

With the roar of the lions in the hunt,
The antelopes did not have a chance
The swift move and the chase,
Brought down a meal for the pride.
In the groups they all stayed together,
Defended their territories from the enemies within.