Secret Garden

Written by: Debbie Duncan

How cool  ~
The secret garden. 
I have a key. 
Do you wanna go ?

I wonder   ~
What should we wear? 
How should we dress ?
When should we go ?

I'd really like to stay.
That is, if it's ok ?
I would plant flowers everywhere.
With little gnomes here and there.

And make it welcome 
Just for my fairy friends ~
That would come by to say hi.
And maybe plant a fish pond.    

For the little Koi to  come play.
From the babbling brook near by.
Fragrant flowers for the bees passing by.
But most of all .

Within this place I'd fined
Tranquility with peaceful grace 
So every morning before  I start.
I'd visit that secret garden within my heart.   

11  18   2012  Sun. 2pm