That Beautiful Chimera Cat

Written by: Kitty Cuddle

One day on the internet,
I searched up usual cats,
Boy the first cat made me fret,
And I exclaimed in my flat,
'That's not the thing that usually sits on mats',
'Thats not the thing that takes naps on laps!',
'And thats not the thing that hunts rats!',
What I saw was a Chimera cat,
Black and calico there it sat,
But *sign* sadly it's not fat,

There it is probbing my soul,
My fingers rigid I cannot scroll,
Its inside me, thats all I know,
I will take a hundred blows,
To be in front of it and go 'whoa!'

This is dedicated to Venus th cat :3 Search it up and gap.
And hello! I am new here :3 This is my first poem and my introduction
I love cats! =^._.^= -Meow~