The silence which yearns to speak

Written by: Charmaine Chircop

The moonlit sea hides within the scent of waves which waft and lilt on shores of dreams Evanescent thoughts of effervescent moments linger oncemore through nights where heart was young ,emotions deep and lips unsealed. Alone I sit close to a rock which bears no colour as softened ripples caress my memory and silver stars outline the black of empty skies The cold damp mist covers my eyelid as the wind blows within my soul the same old soul which knows each sound each every rustle of shriveled leaves brown whitering leaves which leap and creep in prolonged darkness. Somewhere so far my breath still mingles in open fields beneath a sun which warms the skin of evergreen amongst white orchids which fill the air somewhere so far somewhere out there. Somewhere so far the worn out chords of a guitar still play their tunes and broken footprints still mark the path of my bare shoulders within your arms as broken voices whisper no words as early snowfall freezes the years.