Whats Normal

Written by: Carl Fraser

There are people in this world 
who think they live a normal life;
Yet they pass over the less fortunate, 
amidst their struggles and much strife.
But just think of those who cannot see, 
would they ever rob you blind;
And those who cannot talk at all, 
would they ever speak unkind.
There are those who cannot hear 
all the nasty things we say;
And some are slowly dying, 
but they treasure every day.
Some are born with half a mind,
 they are so meek and mild;
And some are born with no hands or feet 
and would never strike a child.
Then there's those of us who think
we lead such a normal life;
And still shy from those less fortunate,
but we suffer more internal strife.
We thank God we aren't freaks like them 
and go about our merry way;
Perhaps we shall see what's normal, 
when judgment comes our way.