Written by: andrew delapruch

your eyes,
like my eyes,
like all eyes,
open & close to
the beat of our mind
being fed stimuli &
we make sense of it
all in the back rooms of
our brains, with the
accompaniment of 
all sounds & feelings---
this makes it easy to
come to a thought, 
when all the machinery
is in check &
yet a conscience,
one that becomes afflicted
by those things that 
it cannot qualify,
that the thinking mind
cannot find reason to get
behind with,
this implement of 
human compassion
does not come to us all
in the same manner---
so when it does,
when the eyes see
things that the mind will
not agree with & when
the thoughts produced
are manufactured into
words & then cultural
expression of any kind,
to apologize
for the deaths inflicted
upon others 
by a tyrannical state,
a domineering &
horrific empire, marching
filthy pigs stampeding
through the neighborhood,
hired killers signing up
for the next SWAT on
a protest or for the
rounding up of 
dissidents who refuse
to numb their passionate
this is simply a crime against
our very humanity &
yet it is one which so many
act out, everyday, as if 
their own lives will somehow
go on, unaffected by the rest of
the world.