I'd like you to know

Written by: Dark Mistress

My days are filled of thoughts of you, which are not known.
The one that I could truly call my own.

I await for the minute where I can be closer to you. 
Cuddle into bed. Wrap my arms safely around you.

What more can I add to this list? A seductive kiss. 
Never to touch those lips? Oh! This, I’d honestly miss. 

Several years have past. 
I can finally say, my heart has found a home at last!

May we have several years of making each other nuts. 
Besides, who else would love this Klutz? 

You, my blanket who is always warm & fuzzy.
I share with you many unique memories.

If you take anything from this love,
May it be, that I'll love you even from above.

With all the love within.
This is my gift to you I give.

If you only knew. 
It's always been you.

This is why I can say. I am yours & you are mine. 
There is so much more we have left to find.