Lord Knows

Written by: Tadon Archer

Under stress my life is a mess with so much pressure in this life of mines
I started to smoke just to release the stress and the anger that I had built
inside of me
Trying to make a living by walking through these cold blooded streets
begging niggas just to eat
My parents never gave a **** about me kicked me out the house telling me
that I was up to no good
Now what do I do a young black male stuck on the streets
And Lord knows that I be trying to live right follow his way and stay
But this world is full of evil
People will make you do the wrong thing
I feel like it's me against the world everybody hates me even at my school
people are judging me
Calling me a thug telling the kids to stay away from me because I'm
dangerous and a cold hearted killer
But how can they say that about me when they don't even know me
They don't know the *****I put up with every day from running from the
cops getting shot at not having a home to go to
And the Lord knows what I'm going through so I hope he bless me one day
to make millions so I can help the poor
If only they understood my life story then probably they won't judge me
But instead help me or encourage me to keep my head up
But I guess people don't care about niggas like me because we are a
problem in their communities
But maybe they will understand one day that I'm one of them
Lord knows who I am
So if everybody hates me at least I know that the Lord loves me