In My Mother's Eyes

Written by: Tadon Archer

When I look into my mother's eyes I can see the pain that she goes through
everyday trying her best to raise me right
But instead I don't even pay attention to her I ignore her as if she wasn't
Giving her a hard time disrespecting her and not following by her rules
thinking I'm grown just doing my own thing
On the streets hanging with the wrong people selling weed and getting
high with my buddies as if I don't have a mother
And when I come home it gets even worser
She cuss and yells at me asking me where I been
I lie to her and say that I was at school knowing that I was out hanging
with my buddies
When my mother hears sirens her blood pressure hits the roof praying to
God hoping that it ain't me
And when she watches the news her heart skips a beat hoping that she
doesn't see me on TV.
My mother is stress out and worry all because of me
And when I look into her eyes I can see the pain crying in tears praying
that I change
But I'm too hard headed and bold to change
So mama before you rest your eyes and sleep
Always remember that I love you in a crazy way but I will never change