Ask questions you may not want the answers to

Written by: ShnKimMel Clarke

Hope I remember everything I wanna say, Probably will if I'm feeling this way...
Your real, no filter so I'm expecting the truth got a couple questions for you.. 
The truth can't change the love I have for you but definately can change the things that I'd do.
I don't plan on over reacting but you need to be understanding.. 
Give me a clear explanation on where you see us going.. 
I'm headed to the top regardless if you plan on rolling.. 
I picture you my right hand, riding could be my imagination but I think it's the connection.. Hope this just ain't another lesson cus I look at you as a blessing. 
You already know how I'm feeling& when you were gone a big part of me was missing. 
When I speak you listen, in the letters.. 
It's my heart your reading.. So don't break me before you ever decieve me, leave me. Especially if in your heart you feel you will never love me .