Shattered Dream

Written by: SIMON M MATLOU


Rated the wise and best striker of the under nineteen’s,
On the playing field, left opposing defenders with headaches,
Rival coaches, trainers and fans with heartaches,
And labelled the inspiration for the teens!
As a result, my heart over-brimmed with joy,
For that career was worth and wisely chosen.
With tears oozing now, painfully lie I awaken,
For me, there is no more joy.
With leg amputation, my ability is permanently impaired,
After vehicle capsized, all dead save me.
But my dream to part of the world’s best completely shattered.
``Does God always care?`` I fondly asked the lad,
``Rejoice, being saved and alive shows that He
Loves and cares for you and me,`` he uttered.