Dark Lover

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Sleep so deep it never ends
Envelope me
Wrap me in your dark arms
Give me your lovers kiss
Remove me from this house of distorted images
Let me sink into your softness
No one left to dissapoint
Not even myself
Will you keep your promises?
Are you my enevitable companion?
Do my paths lead to your boudoire?
Will you betray me?
Will I be brought to the gates of hell
by one who masquerades as my lover?
I hold on for a while longer
Allowing myself to be lifted
Seeking light instead
Feeling it's warmth on my face
Renewed strength
Laughter bubbling from a place long forgotten
Desire to disappear fading
Yesterday is not today
I am still me and yet I am far from the same
I now wish to stay in the light
You no longer seduce me
We were never meant to be lovers

For Jakitz's Dark Poem Only Contest