Written by: Boitumelo Mailula

It was not supposed to be like this.
After all we were just friends,
Although in my world she was more.
Although I never told her,
That doesn’t make me wrong or right.
Although she was my life,
That doesn’t make me right or wrong
Like I have said:
I was her friend, not her husband.
Should have acted within that capacity,
I deserve to be mad at me.
After all I was the one who gave her my heart.
Just cause people asked me about her,
That doesn’t make her my wife.
Never once did we exchange vows.
Just because I am crying,
That doesn’t make me a victim.
  I was afraid to let her go,
Just in case someone might get her.
That was my fault because it was my decision.
I should have never put my heart in my minds position.
I must admit,
She was the one I wanted to commit.
Either I was not leaving to my potential
Or I was just an average guy.
Truth be told I would do it again,
Next time as a husband and not a friend...