Another Fifty Cents

Written by: Jack Ellison

Another day, another “fifty cents”
We used to say “another dollar”
But this is the year two thousand twelve
At current prices, you wanna holler

It's the age of out of control spending
We're lucky to survive every month
Where it's all heading is anybody's guess
We need to save up a whole big bunch

Save for the future, I know it's hard
But money you can put away now
Will seem like money straight from heaven
When you no longer can push a plough

I may be an alarmist, you could be right
But it's a matter of survival for me
Before long, it's five minutes to midnight
So be prepared as you possibly can be

Another day, another “fifty cents”
Have you checked out the price of eggs?
We're lucky to rub two pennies together
Except for what we get when we beg!

© Jack Ellison 2012