The Winner

Written by: Manu Nair

The fight was tough and tight,
between Obama and Romney, 
wherein Romney wanted to create a room, 
which he did make, 
by roaming the country,
but did not accommodate 
as much of the voters,
he had desired for,
though Romney had lost,
the fight would even get tougher,
as it won’t be easy for Obama to sail through,
as rough weather,
as the sandy storm,
had been created already,
with a number of voters been divided hereby,
these voters cannot be underestimated,
as they are highly qualified,
and seek much knowledge,
by debating each and every matter,
with others
pertaining to politics,
revolving around their country,
the tussle between Obama & Romney will go on,
which would even be tougher,
and which would also decide the fate of Israel, Palestine, Syria and Iran,
would it be Obama or Romney,
who would win in the future,
remains to be seen, 
as it is early times to tell, 
as the fight between Obama and Romney ,
would indeed be casted wide, 
and all over the world,
wherein Romney will try to create a bigger room, 
as to accommodate,
as many of the voters as he can !!