He walked among us

Written by: Stephan McBride

The Lord came down and walked among us
and His own creation did not recognize the truth
for they are drunkards on the  lies from man
that sours and rumbles the belly to vomit
only left to seek out other filth to satisfy desires 
deceived from their own carnal minds as such was I
groaping along the walls in the dark
while wading down the lukewarm river 
in trying to make since from the left and right
While believing some are just good and some are  bad
some try and live by the laws and some do not
while so many being led away by their own and mans views
from out of their belly is their God
which seeks to entertain and gain praise of man
Now I walk in disbelief and sorrow of the things I have witnessed
how Jesus has prepared the table that we might come to know Him
and walk and guide one unto  the path of righteousness
but so many choose to dine with deceit of the beast
which allows one to make their own plate of destruction
the best we can do is die daily of the old foolish man 
and call on the name of Jesus to crucify and plow within our soul
placing the seed of the holy spirit to give vision
while absorbing the word and truth allowing the Lord to sprout
that he might create within a new creature
revealing the knowledge and wisdom not of man
which only desires  to give all  glory and praise to God
for only through him shall the dead be resurrected to live
no longer to seek the living among the dead which knows not Jesus 
purifying one of all the impurities in order to raise up within
the tree of life which nothing on earth can destroy