Typical Spontaneous Chaos

Written by: Skyler Dawn

Another perfect day, faced with the same old old
Repetition, redundant, same old same old
Typical spontaneous chaos

Lack of control insanity, 
ADHD hyperactivity

Zero focus on the everyday mundane
Typical, ordinary usual crazy

Waking up to find it's all the same old same old
Typical spontaneous chaos

Neverending, I'm depending on you
It's another beautiful day, with your same old same old

The dishes keep piling day after day,
No matter how many times I wish them away

The same old clothes, scattered along the floor
Every day there's more and more

I fear there's a danger in my coming down with dejavu
Isn't it funny how even amongst boredom there’s still chaos?
I could see if life was happening, but nothing seems to be

Too numb to care, this house is so lonely
Lack of energy to do anything

Lying lazy on the couch, 
Waiting for an ephiphany

When joy rides lose their fun, 
You know you're desperate for the sun

I wanna be somebody's decoy, 
Lure me into some danger

My adrenaline can't get enough, 
Sombeody's crazy

Roller coasters just aren't enough, 
Wanna try falling with style off an open hill in the big blue sky

Let's blow this town up, 
Wanna deface everything in my path
Feels a little bit like wonderful

But every day seems to be the same as before
Same old typical spontaneous chaos running through these veins

Never seen an addict quite so bad as this
Some things can't be tamed

Restless for adventure, 
Stuck in repetition

Another beautiful glorious day in paradise
Inconceivable typical spontaneous chaos

The irony in this all is too much to bear, 
Let alone put into worded thoughts

Drenched in this typical spontaneous chaos
You overwhelm this dysfunctional arrangement you do

Paradox is an understatement, couldn't label you better as who you are
Typical spontaneous chaos