Fire and Ice

Written by: julie heckman

The fire burns as I sit in flames 
hammering out each new word. 
Smoke fills my eyes and brain 
as conversations fly high like a 
blue headed Monarch poking its
beak into the ground for seeds or
a misplaced worm. The fire never
ends but burns constantly, the rage
becomes too hot causing art and 
the fragrance of roses to burn into
black ash. There are methods to 
dealing with flame when capturing 
a new title.

Then comes the ice which is cut into
cubes or flattened into the height of 
a great river. Ice that will burn you 
like a flame or cut into you like a 
razor. Ice that leaves you cold and 
in want of health and love. It will 
mark you under a cold, broken dream
where there is no advice only to hide
from it and find the warmth. 

Fire and Ice
Julie Heckman