Alone In My Thoughts

Written by: Vincent Rossi

**Dedicated to one of those nights where I lay awake at night and feel the weight of the world fall upon me in the dark...**

  I struggle trying to balance success and doubt..
They both carry the potential to wipe me out. 
I lay awake in the dark, strangled with these thoughts...
mind blots with ideas, that storm about. 

 Fist clenched, teeth grind,
knuckles turn white, brain paints vivid scenes that flood my mind.
Fluorescent, incandescent, negative and light,
flashing bright till it renders me blind. 

 Which will take me first, the pleasure or the pain?
Perhaps both, cuz without struggle there is no gain.
They compliment each other like lightening and rain.
Both dangerously attractive in its own special way.

 So how do I respond to the darkness as it throws my mind on a curved dim lit path,
when hope seems down and life can't be graphed?
 Do I succumb to the evil opposite of light?
Compromise tempts me with smooth whispering cries...
But I take the high road instead, look the beast in its eyes,
I smile, wink, and chuckle "nice try."