Remembrance of me

Written by: Rachelle Turley

The mirror is deceptive.
 Not in what I see,
 but in what I see in me, 
In the remembrance 
of what I Used to be..

Is this my true smile
the grin on this face
 has been some how misplaced
Altered by the changes in this world
I have made..

Behind this mask
 myself I do ask
 where have I misplaced
the person who used to live inside this soul

I wait at night
 for the dark to surround me
For the night to smoother
 and suffocate me.
My mind runs like a child
 and sleep I never gain..

So now my secret is told..
During the day why I’m
 happy all the time,
Its not because it is me,
Its because I choose to be.