I Rep Who I Am,

Written by: ShnKimMel Clarke

I rep who I am cus I am everything 
thats in me 
U wouldnt understand dats y u cant 
understand me in sayin dat come 
correct when u talkin to me or 
expect aucun reponse quand tu 
parle a moi G .. I'm born in Quebec 
none the less  Jamaicas in me pops 
was a G but shoutout mi papi put a 
lil gangsta in me help me become 
me.. Raised in chattown wasnt for 
me born in the city 19 returned 
quickly & now there's no turning 
back .. 21 moms praying, money's 
makin know all my sins will be 
forgiven plus all my classes I'm 
Lifes good I feel great & I've learned 
from my mistakes he's my only 
regret.. I want u bck though u 
couldn't stay u say won't come bck 
cus why we separate I think it'd all 
be for the better & I'm stickin to the 
plan with or without you regardless 
if I adore u wish nun but the best 
for u I can only do me hopin u come 
find me u complete me It's too deep 
I'd loose sleep tryna figure out ways 
to explain the love & the pain for 
now I hold on in vain as u jus slip 
away like Mariah say & pray my 
butterfly returns someday 
Since I was 15 thought about the 
day u'd wanna marry me way bfor 
your dream knew it was meant to be 
it's clear to me gotta put pride aside 
I still wouldn't give a fk
what anyone says to me despite the 
celibacy I want u inside of me