Bridges to Nowhere and Between

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

It seems, I much prefer my dreams though times of consequence pass fleetingly. It seems, I know while in those very dreams of all that passes in between. Matching my realities to messages left within the ‘seems’ of fear and fantasy and light of the umbilicus cord which snaps when I’m affright. Yes, I’d say it often seems, I’m so a home when wrestling with my dreams. The I sees “I” , and oft compresses screams Munch-like in hues of blue and green on bridges to the nowhere and in-betweens, ear-covering, muffling, silent screams. Mesmerized, am I, by what can be, reality dissolves within the ever-after seams. Clocks melt, trees morph to faces, Dali emotes tattle-tailing signs that float on reels in rooms off kilter, windows bricked without. Can you hear me? Can I hear me, shout? I’m right here, I just asleep Please let me out!