Suicide and the Butterfly Boy

Written by: HOLLY MOORE

Suicide my untimely death
I can no longer take another breath

I feel empty inside
No one hears my cries

I do not know how to handle this
It is not something that I can dismiss

I used to be happy and kind
But now just never mind

I have just become a disguise
For everyone’s eyes

Would it be better off if I commit suicide...?


What is wrong with you!
Just because you have the “blues?”

And, what are we supposed to do
If you follow through?

Spend thousands of dollars to remove the rope
Your dead body set free, leaving us with no hope

What will happen to the family?
Do we just step aside silently...?


My son is gone, you are in my dreams
Every night it is always the same theme

Beautiful mountains and scenery
Amazing butterflies, I cannot believe 

You are just a little boy
Maybe three or four

Do not go, I say
Please stay, please stay!

So what do I do?
I just open my eyes...

To suicide.

"Survivors of Suicide Contest"

Holly Moore
November 2012