Dear Mother

Written by: SIMON M MATLOU


                                                                          197 Mpopotwane street
                                                                          Sun Valley
                                                                          Mamelodi West
                                                                         16 March 2011

Dear Mother

Dear mother, I am sending to you,
This letter to honour and appreciate you.

You raised me with love and care,
You held my hand when I was afraid,
It is indeed a great honour and privilege for me,
To still have you, and I thank good heavens for that!

You fed me while my eyes were covered,
You warmed me with your warm hands,
You were always there for me when I was down,
And that the first experience of a new life was a glorious one!

Education and guidance through my childhood,
Inspiration and encouragement through my career,
Were all the sacrifices you lovingly gave to me,
And your advices were never wrong!

Sometimes you were harsh—very harsh!
And I doubted whether you still cared for me,
For as children, never will we know the love of our parents,
Until we have become parents (but now as a parent I know!)

As a teenager, you handed over to the police service,
Not as criminal, but as a police student,
To serve and protect people, I did not even know,
And my friend was an oath I have to take!

Dear mother, may your days be long and cloudless,
You are still the inspiration, motivator,
My driving force in life!
May your days blossom with lovely memories, dear mother!

Happy mother’s day!
Pass my regards to all at home!

Your sincere son