Life, Is Finding Time To Kill

Written by: Joel Lee

I sat for a while... thinking
Nothing pretty much to do
Perhaps if I close my eyes... dreaming
And I’ve decided that there’s nothing I knew

Kinda boring it became
Mellow and dull, mysteriously enchanting
A pause in time to maintain
A reminder towards life if deserving

I have time I would like to kill
Murdering seconds, eliminating minutes, silencing hours
Days into months with years until
My final call towards the unknown empowers

As all life falls into the same categories
We find the differences for similar time to spend
Separating ourselves from one another as memories
Life to only belong as boring as plan

Perhaps my sitting a while... I’m realizing
Life is only colorful when we no longer believe
If I’ll just open my eyes... dreaming
My finding of time to kill is deceive