Heaven Sent By The Love Expert

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

Asked the Lord for a sign and received an exquisite design
A woman so divine her imprint burned within my mind
Searched for her for so long envisioned her in love songs
Left her aura on me so strong I knew this was where I belonged

Now I wanna be the shoulders she can rest her burdens upon
Even if the size of boulders I still want to be the one
She saw behind my encasing and began the inner man embracing
He was patiently waiting for this woman to calm his mental raging

 If she accepts he will give her all of him unequivocally
He has had visions of her throughout his life subconsciously
He has lovingly looked deep into her eyes In many a dream
She has unknowingly touched his heart and now for her it screams

 He has crowned her his queen she now spoon feeds his soul
Their made for each other strive for the same goals
I'll never betray her I see in her comfort
Put this love in Gods hands he's the only expert