The Camouflage Had Spoken

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

You said there was a miss when I dwell within your recesses
You said there was a timeless when we ran into a quest

Chanting soul written on the piece of paper
As I believed lost be spoken bluntly in its verses
Chanted the insecurity
Uttered solely within the gust of melancholy

You say we are the world
We are the future and past
Camouflage finally revealed by the courtesy silence of yours

Your words which dispossessed by reality and not materialize  by the time
Your words which led to nothing but vain on a rhyme

Now we simply deprecated
Like dusts rippled on a flat surface atop the old album

As easy as it forgotten by you
To forget about who you are, who I am
To forget about the holder of the past
And now the throne is all yours

If time willingly to sacrifice its seconds
And roll back its ages wheels to the day of my times
I'd grab the vision where I stood and gazed upon this time

                                                   3rd PLACE                                                  
                                               November's poem
                                      Contest Judged:  11/26/2012
                                    Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A