The Song Of The Shell

Written by: Matt Caliri

I have spilled all of it out, it seems
Shushed it away
Now I stare at it like you would some black-and-white photo
I’m soldiering on
I can’t find the field
I don’t want this weapon
I’ve lost myself
But holding onto me wasn’t in the plans
I’ve blanched my dreams
When I speak marshmallows fall out of my mouth
I’m dimmed, muted
Placed in a different world again
I’m okay, though
I’m in-through a wondering sky
I’ll find you again
As my feet drift by
And tap you on the forehead

You snap my strings
And I may tackle you to the ground
Good for the both of us

I am the black falling light rushing out of tomorrow’s dream
I am your favorite sorcerer who forced the mirror upon you

Revealing you as the great one
With what wounds we are
Cascading, cascading

I know you, my love
My heart runs wild at the thought of your return