Asking Alice

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

Alice had many friends, seems quite a few others 
have fallen down the rabbit's hole.
Janet appears often at the foot of the mushroom arguing with the Caterpillar.
Rubbing her legs tired from dream running, 
"Dern nightmare's always chasing me!"
Alice pokes her. "Miss Janet, why don't you stop running? Have a piece of cake?"
Somewhere, Janet hears her sisters voice listing sweet things, warm, cuddly kittens,
chocolate bunnies, candy canes...the voice fades in and out..
Screams too come from far off, "Get OUT!, get out..I hate you!" Her mother cries.
And lots of other nasty things too naughty for a little girl to repeat.
Smoke wreathes around the Caterpillar's head and the circles
spiral downward tickling Janet's nose. 
"Alice?" "Yes Janet?" 
"Why do they say there's no place like home?"
Alice frowns, "You shouldn't ask me dear,come...
let's find Dorothy for you!'