Virgin Boy Eggs

Written by: mike dailey

Virgin Boy Eggs (or What I learned on the Web today)

Over in Dongyang China
A delight awaits your tongue
Eggs boiled to perfection
In the urine of male young
If you find yourself in Dongyang
And you’re hungry for a treat
And you want to dine like locals
On something quite discrete
Look for “Virgin Boy Eggs”
On the menu where you dine
For breakfast or for dinner
With fresh milk or with wine
They’re said to have a salty taste
They’re said to be good for you
Improving circulation
And simply just restore you
But I’m a picky eater
And when it comes to eggs
I like mine salt and peppered
Nothing from between boy’s legs
But I wouldn’t dare begrudge you
This Chinese delicacy
You just might find these boiled eggs
Fit you to a “P”