Written by: Matthew Thurman

How much do you know about the mind?
Do you know what it takes?
The maker and his design?
Fishing out all of the lakes
It works a lot slower that what I had thought
a worthless price from what I had brought
this is the time to remember
from one cold December
drifting away through rockets and arrows
in sweet dreams tasting the sparrows
when I dream about things unseen
they make me want to lie down in a dream
so that I can finally see
what is happening to me?
inside this hope filled joy of mine
is that such a crime?
If I didn’t take anything 
When I would whistle and sing
Would that make me so bad to say the least?
To kill this beast
Would make the remedy 
Become the number one cure
In faith to endure, with the mind does it cease to exist?
From a wave to a mist
A thought from strange humans walking through seas
Staring back at you just like water, but it’s not called water
Down in front
My mother gave me
A key
To drain the hearts of lost men
Daniel in the lions den
This side of town is not big for the both of us
But if we fight, we must.