Written by: Victoria Nunoo

A perfect abode
A perfect dwelling
Crafted for mankind
The paradise on earth
Until they came…

Brothers of the league
Vicious and hostile
Pitiless and heartless
They are called “pain”
They are a terror

The first flows hot
Burning and frying 
Anything in his path
Caring for none
But its freedom

Its brother in one roar
Cracking open the face of earth
Pulling its victims down
And tearing limbs from flesh
A quick temper

Another, always in a massive rush
Drowning and destroying set ups
Dare to stand in his way?
He rushes past you
Taking you all the way… down!

Their sweep is massacre
Even the earth suffers
Proof they take along
It doesn’t look like;
They are stopping anytime soon.

© Naa Takia, All Rights Reserved 2012