So Tired

Written by: Shelton Brown

For who, and why, do I try?
When I, I am so very tired.
I am so very tired of weary skies,
As if waiting for unruly demise.

For what, and why, must I climb?
Climb, climb, climb
These rocks tremble underneath my feet,
I'll fall at the gentle push of another heartbeat.

For what, and why, do I fight?
Sacrifices; fallen brothers; social battlefields
Closer than blood,
Further apart than Mars and Venus

On whose time, under whose rule, do I live?
Confined to the ideas of social medias,
Free to pick the poison of an everyday routine.
A perfectly packaged failure off assembly line.

So for who, and why, do I try? 
Isolated mind; lost in seas of many
When I, I am so very tired.
Tell me why, why I try,
I will obtain the the answer, to who am I.
But now I rest; I am so very tired.