Written by: Emily Pascale


Young, fun, and sixteen.
All the boys droolin over me.

walking gracefully down the hall.
in my heels walking tall.

Rockin belly shirts
and sexy mini skirts.

Always showin skin
Happy and barbie thin.

1 year gone by, gained some weight
but still feelin okay.

Another year and 10 lbs more.
But still cute no matter what I wore.

highschool graduation passes.
over my belt my belly surpasses.

Four years later
My mirror, I hate her.

200 lbs now
lookin like a fat cow.

gained so much weight
too depressed to even date.

buy diet pills
run tread mills.

20lbs less 
but I still look a mess.

Tired of shopping at the plus size store.
Pass a hot guy and know I’m not what he’s looking for.

Start hanging out at the bar where the cute guys are.
too scared to talk, just look and smile from afar.

start running around the block
doing crunches, lunges, and what not.

Wow another 20lbs gone
I feel new confidence start to spawn.

“Damn, I need a sexy girl like you”
Guy’s comments making me feel brand new.

10 more pounds off the scale.
Got guys chasing my tail.

It’s not over and I know I’m still not done,
But the hardest battle against myself has already been won.