All He Can

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

He is doing all he can
He wants to save his son
Medicine, nontraditional
he has tried every one

He is doing all he can
Still it's out of his control
His son keeps on suffering
Pain is demanding it's toll

He is doing all he can
He prays night and day
"Please God save him
don't take my son away."

He can do no more
Now it's all in God's hands
Time to trust in Jesus
He has his own plans

God will do what he does
There are things we can't see
His son will be the witness
When God sets him free

On wings he will travel
Heaven will rejoyce on that day
Tears will turn to celebration
God will take his pain away

His life will not be wasted
This is a temporary Death
Eternal life to be provided
Upon his final breath