White Diamonds Ignite Fiery Window

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

White Diamonds Ignite Fiery Window Outside the snow is falling like beautiful gems from the sky Glistening with the stars that gives us a sense of comforting light The illumination from the campfire captures their cascading glow White diamonds ignite fiery window The chill from the air has been transformed into comfort and joy A canopy of stars rests over a winter’s wonderland for us to enjoy Our hearts cherish the mystery that doesn’t clash between fire and snow- That allows white diamonds to ignite fiery window Two elements of fire and ice that nature can’t explain- How they’ve come together so magically to display such a beauty in vain Amid fire’s window where the snow has melted into diamond splendor Leaving sparkles of a rare miracle that hearts will always cherish and remember…
Contest: Fire and Ice Sponsor: Carol Brown By: Gail Doyle