I walked amongst you

Written by: Dark Mistress

A poor man seeking more from this world,
Than a young woman's curl.

I was a man who had been loved,
Summoned to soon from above.

A prophet from within,
Absorbed of all my sins.

Allowing me to walk the land,
My footprints you've seen amongst the sand.

Shelter me from thieves.
There is no telling when I must leave…

To the inner depth of the darkest night,
I’ll hold you dear, my precious sight.

Carnivore. Eat. Enjoy your feast!
I shall claim all that has deceased. 

I accept the blame,
I shall seek no names.

A watchful eye,
Closely looking at the parting sky.

Little angel dry your tears,
I've taken all your fears.

I await a cure for the rest of world.

Come a little closer, cause & effect.
You summon me. I’ll resurrect.