Written by: Victoria Nunoo

Shriek of pain
A famous terror
Paralyzing oneself
The fear of three
Death of all
Survival of all
Or just one…
The kicks of the little
An attempt of landing
On what could be
An infertile land
The battle long awaited
All preparations made
Yet none ceases to fear
The pain suffered
They lie between
Death and life
She fights
It fights
They both fight
For survival
The old death
On standby
In anticipation of a choice
In wait of mishap
Who shall it be?
The carrier?
Whose nine months 
Nurtured and caressed?
Or the carried?
Whose life is yet to begin?
The first is chosen
The latter lives
On a sacrifice
Brewed on blood and love
They both could have lived
Couldn’t they?

©Naa Takia, All Rights Reserved 2012