As I Watch Jen Play

Written by: Gerald Nforche

Number I of the Jennifer 

My heart-beats race in glee
As blood surges through nerves and veins
While I behold with bliss sweet Jennifer.

There she jumps like a bee in spring-
Here she laughs with Louisa at her heels
Exposing white even teeth to bless any tongue.
O! Here I find myself in love, my heart ding-dong.

In student wear and brown sandals,
Sweet eyes that recall me memories:
Milky skin and contagious smiles
My Jennifer writhes in rhythm with the breeze.

Does she know there an admirer be?
Does she? O! does she?
Does she know my heart is blooming
Like daffodils in full spring?

O Jen, what will I tell so young a queen 
And so untamed a child?
Oh Eros, I shall hold myself though I weep,
Than intrude her glorious innocence.