Written by: DrJim Martin


Thankfulness should be a common trait
	Yet sadly, in some, it is evidenced late.
Hardly a day is lived by one
	That there can be claimed that there’s blessing’s none.
All need to stop and give careful thought
	And display gratitude as they ought.
Nice it is to hear thanks from one
	To whom a deed of kindness has been done.
Kindness is that which is received by all
	Yet into complacency we seem to fall.
Sad it is to be guilty of such
	When we have all been given so much.
Gratitude in al will prayerfully reign 
	When from focus on self we learn to abstain.
Instead of always looking at “me”
               Our focus on the giver of gifts should be.
Volumes have been written on topics like this
	Yet the simple message, please don’t miss.
Insane it seems to totally ignore
	The multitudes of blessing we daily store.
Novel idea it surely would be
	If we’d let the world our gratefulness see.
God is the source of all that there is
	Gratitude from us should surely be His.

Dr. James E. Martin
November, 15, 2012