Written by: SIMON M MATLOU


Some call death mighty, fearful
Dreadful and ultimate victory over life.
For some, death entered humankind through Adam
And then reigned till present.

Some refer to death as cessation
Of all the function of life;
Stopping of heartbeat, breathing, brain activity
And functions of body cells.

Some refer to death as your identical twin,
To walk side by side and hand in hand,
To inflict physical and emotional pain, if he so desires,
In addition, to rob people of you, their love ones!

I refer to death as the most comfortable vehicle,
For the continuation of life into another world,
A path we must all trot
If we would ever want to come to our Maker!

When pharynx, larynx or windpipe is blocked,
Body completely immersed in water,
Excessive force applied to damage tissues badly,
And too much blood oozing from severely cut wounds, we pass away!

Though we all yearn for longevity,
There is a natural or unnatural inherent limit to life!
Our last enemy to also die is death,
When finally death will be swallowed in victory!