scary portrait

Written by: lucas ongawo

Square wooden portrait
facing floor with pointed pins
wall from where it was ejected dusty..

I have a trigger booby trapped 
to the portrait 
no one dares to touch it..

The last time i looked into it
the man scared me 
to a scary scream

Ive never been frightened
to the vain
I dread more to feel the same way

Ill smash it, burn and post it 
to the moon
NO! i don't even want to know his name.

He gives me the creep
those eyes that hair
i cant, I'm scared...

and ill rise wash my face
clean my eyes 
and confirm with the image on my wall...

the image stares at me and scorns
'i cant see the difference
with the scary portrait image'

...someone.. someone must have...
there is no picture?
but a mirror!